Last week was about all the ways to test a game – broadly broken into quantitative, qualitative and technical testing. The technical testing should test that the game is not buggy. The qualitative testing is using small numbers (below 100) of people that you follow very closely or even meet in-person. The quantitative testing is […]

I have a great idea: let’s throw away half of everything we do! This is about the process of testing and iterating on a game until it works, or you decide that it will never work well enough. There are a huge number of ways to test a game, all with their own weaknesses and […]

How to best use social features in games is changing. It is now less about reaching real-world friends for virality, and more about forming in-game communities of strangers with retention as the goal. Let me explain. The big boom for social games came with Facebook. Games like Mob Wars came in 2008, while Farmville took […]

Where to travel and what to do there. There are quite a number of game conferences available. Why are they so popular, and should go to any of them? At a short glance, it almost seems odd that the games industry is so keen on sharing their insights. After all, at these conferences, we are […]

What 1 minute of Spotify pays the artist, vs what 1 minute of mobile gaming pays the developer It often strikes me that creative businesses have a lot in common with each other. Likely the clash of commercial demands and artistic demands often will lead to similar situations. A few weeks back, I wrote about […]

Why match3 is a really really good core game. You might have noticed that the match-3 mechanic is really popular on the top grossing charts of the App Store and Google Play. Why is that? It just happens to be a really good core mechanic. Before we dive into why match-3 is such a good […]

I gave a Keynote at Pocket Gamer Connects in London a while back, based on the 666 post. Hey @torulfjernstrom, can u share your slides from #PGCLondon? Just saw these and got me highly interested 🙂 — Sebastien BORGET (@borgetsebastien) January 29, 2016   And, Pollen.VC did a story on my thoughts on retention: […]