We had an interesting discussion over at PocketGamer.biz. Also has my PGC Helsinki talk as a video.

The largest market for games, as measured by both player numbers and revenue, is being completely ignored by the games media. Why? Head over to PocketGamer to find out.  

This one was done together with Sam Myers of Balderton Capital: Gaming has been a great hunting ground for VCs in the last decade. A usual suspect when it comes to pushing innovation forward, gaming as an industry found itself in the middle of a perfect storm over the past 10 years that made it […]

Actually, this headline is misleading. You definitely should blame marketing, but not quite in the way most of you think. If you bring something to market, and cannot sell it, then your marketing does not work. But “marketing” is a much broader concept than just the ads and promotion that most people associate with the […]

From Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki. Here.  

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