Where to travel and what to do there. There are quite a number of game conferences available. Why are they so popular, and should go to any of them? At a short glance, it almost seems odd that the games industry is so keen on sharing their insights. After all, at these conferences, we are […]

What 1 minute of Spotify pays the artist, vs what 1 minute of mobile gaming pays the developer It often strikes me that creative businesses have a lot in common with each other. Likely the clash of commercial demands and artistic demands often will lead to similar situations. A few weeks back, I wrote about […]

Why match3 is a really really good core game. You might have noticed that the match-3 mechanic is really popular on the top grossing charts of the App Store and Google Play. Why is that? It just happens to be a really good core mechanic. Before we dive into why match-3 is such a good […]