I gave a Keynote at Pocket Gamer Connects in London a while back, based on the 666 post. Hey @torulfjernstrom, can u share your slides from #PGCLondon? Just saw these and got me highly interested 🙂 pic.twitter.com/qrCIuysep2 — Sebastien BORGET (@borgetsebastien) January 29, 2016   And, Pollen.VC did a story on my thoughts on retention: http://insights.pollen.vc/app-business/measuring-real-retention-for-real-results […]

At times, I’m wondering: does it even have to be a game in there? F2P games can be split into the core and the meta game. The core game is the part that people recognise as a real game. It will have some challenge to it, usually either a mental challenge, like in puzzle games, […]

Does our core idea work? Can we build lots of variation without changing the basic User Experience?   Back in the day, when we started planning our Benji Bananas game (some 4 years ago now), we analysed some of the top performing mobile games. A thing many of them had in common back then, was […]

This week let’s go into what you can do to get users with money: paid user acquisition. Again, this is the broad overview of what is useful to know for an indie developer just transitioning into paid UA, not an in-depth article on the details. First, let’s get the simple and modest PR message out […]

I’ve noticed a pattern when talking to indie game developers who have been successful. A lot of them are not only really good at making games, but also at acquiring users. This post will be an overview of everything user acquisition (UA) related. Obviously, I cannot cover everything in very great detail, and I encourage […]