This week, I’m going to tell you about a surprisingly interesting work-for-hire project and about how we failed with it. It’s surprisingly hard to market a competition with big prize money. Every now and then, someone contacts us and wants us to make a mobile game for them. Usually, they back down after we explain to […]

Ad networks, waterfalls and mediators and attribution partners In an earlier post about SDKs, I wrote about ad networks. This post will expand upon that ecosystem. It was likely simple once. You had a game or website with a lot of traffic, and someone wanted to show ads to all those eyeballs. So you did […]

All Blockbusters have the same script! What can a game developer learn from that? There are some good books to read if you aspire to become a screenwriter in Hollywood. A bunch of them all say the same thing: there’s a pretty fixed structure to the script of a blockbuster. Let me spoil most movies […]

-Free-to-play is a more honest business model than the traditional premium model. And that has consequences for how you market. -WHAT?? -Let me explain! With the traditional pay-up-front “Premium” model of selling games, the game company or publisher has an incentive to build up expectations before the launch. They need to make people desire their […]