Premium is making a comeback! Or at least some people hope so.. There are a few companies with an interest in keeping premium alive. That might be good for indie developers. As everyone knows, the mobile market shifted to free-to-play (F2P) games a few years ago. Back in the Angry Birds era, people seemed happy […]

The good people of Pollen VC decided to interview me about our studio. Over here.  

CNBC make a short article about the Finnish tech industry – games in particular – and interviewed me for it as well. Over here: And, I’m pretty sure Tero is ironic in his commentary: CNBC on "Benji Bananas". one of Finland's key intellectual achievements of the past decade. — Tero Kuittinen (@teroterotero) November […]

Apparently, this blog is attracting quite a global audience. It’s getting read by a few hundred game developers every week quite consistently so far. And have a look at the map – you come here from just about everywhere in the world. Readers in over 40 countries so far! Thanks and enjoy! cheers, Torulf

This is about tools and 3rd parties. There’s a lot of tools, third parties and support companies you need to worry about when building your game. Here’s a brief explanation of who they are and what they do. Unfortunately, a lot of them come with their own SDKs (Software Development Kits) that you need to […]

Ad -> AppStore -> Tutorial -> Retention -> Monetization This post will be about the whole journey of the player, from hearing about your game for the first time, until they are a happily paying customer. There are a hundred nice ways to lose them along the way. The good news is that you can […]

LTV > CPI LifeTime Value is larger than Cost Per Install. That’s the golden formula for making money. When you have that, you can spend $3 on advertising to get an install, then wait for the player to spend $4, pocket $1, and spend the remaining $3 to buy another customer. In short, you have […]