I am Torulf Jernström,tribeflame-008 and have been in the business of building games since 2009. Before that, I was 5 years with Nokia (2004-2009), working in both phone R&D and Corporate Business Development (i.e. thinking about what startups to acquire). I also got to work in the team that invented NFC, which was very cool.

I co-founded our company Tribeflame in 2009, and have been CEO here since then. Our biggest hit, Benji Bananas, has some 70 million downloads (in late 2015). In addition to running this company, I am a mentor at Game Founders, and Entrepreneur in Residence at F50, as well as a weekly columnist for

This series of blogs will cover a number of learnings that I wish I had known when we started out. I hope it is of use and amusement to other game developers. 



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