People say that the hardest part is getting your game noticed. They are wrong. That’s part is super easy! The hard part of game development is making a good game. Once you have done that, the rest is easy. At least comparatively. Now let me start by explaining what a good game is. A good […]

The two most important rules we got from analysing the top-100 grossing games. This time, I am going to tell you the two most obvious rules we got from analysing the top grossing games, as described last week. They are the 666 rule, and the 2×1000 rule. If you didn’t already, I suggest you first read […]

What we learned by playing all the top grossing games. You need to have a deep feeling for what appeals to your players. Not just a rational explanation, but an emotional understanding. The only way to get that is by putting yourself into their shoes. By playing the games they play. The way we do […]

Hi, I am Torulf Jernström, and have been in the business of building games since 2009. Before that, I was 5 years with Nokia (2004-2009), working in both phone R&D and Corporate Business Development (i.e. thinking about what startups to acquire). I also got to work in the team that invented NFC, which was very cool. I […]