Actually, this headline is misleading. You definitely should blame marketing, but not quite in the way most of you think. If you bring something to market, and cannot sell it, then your marketing does not work. But “marketing” is a much broader concept than just the ads and promotion that most people associate with the […]

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An oil sheik and a wall street trader got into a fight, who won? All the other players who got to play for free! (And the game company)   This week, I will finally get to the big monetisation article. It’s a subject lots of people want to know about, even though their problem is […]

After taking a good old nordic-style (i.e. nice and long) vacation, I’m back. This week is about selling game companies. Unfortunately, I have not sold mine for untold fortunes. However, my friends at the next door game company sold theirs. Let’s start off with why you would even consider selling your company. Some people start […]


Anyone with any interest in mobile gaming will know that Supercell released their 4th game, Clash Royale about 3 months ago now. The game has been another super-hit, and is for once something new and fresh on the otherwise quite stale top (grossing) charts. There are several things that Clash Royale did beautifully, but it […]